Hwy 2107, Third Crossing – Hwy 16, Freedom Crossing

September 22, 2007 – Medina River


This was by far the most rambunctious river that I have been on with the Saturday Paddlers.  The flow rate on Friday afternoon was 446 with a height of 5.75’.  If the flow was any less, we would have dragged a lot more.  If it had been substantially more, there were areas where it would have been fairly dangerous.  There were many small drops in the river to manage in addition to a 4 foot and 10 foot waterfalls and many narrow channels.

As it was, we all made it with a few scrapes and bumps, a fair amount of dragging, and some boats that got trapped for a while.  Mike Fox named one of the crossings we had to portage “Mayhem Crossing”, a quite appropriate name.  In all it took over four hours to go 6.6 miles.



Down the river

Time for lunch

the falls